Paying attention to the arts

Three ways of paying attention in the arts –

1.  Classical music: “It’s just music.”  Yeah, but it still requires some close, one-thing-at-a-time attention.  If you can remember what that means, here’s Benjamin F. Carlson on how “the purpose is to enjoy,” and how “face-melting harpsichord riffs” can be relevant again.

2.  Video games need your attention.  According to Todd Patrick in the New York Observer, they get it: “”You want to write a novel? Who’s going to read it? A bunch of people in grad school? Fuck that…Everybody plays video games.” With the real-life writers moving from movies and print to games, they might be even harder to ignore.

3.  Sometimes art doesn’t ask.  It just shows up.

One of each, once in a while, please.

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