The Case for the Performing Arts

Courtesy of TED Talks:

Key Points:

  1. Sometimes middle-aged men like symphony and pop-country.
  2. Knowing Judge Judy jokes are always good for a laugh.
  3. The internet (a) competes with the performing arts for our attention, (b) opens up the creative sphere to professional-level amateurs, (c) supports social causes, and (d) does everything else.
  4. There is a good business case for the performing arts.
  5. If you make these points without breathing for 12 minutes, we’re liable to find you persuasive.


  1. If everyone gets to play, does the overall quality of performance as a whole drop?
  2. If not, will there always be enough money to stage ambitious performances?
  3. How long until we grow tired of mentioning “the internet and the democritization of [insert anything]”?
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